Reverse Auction

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What Is Reverse Auction? has introduced "for the first time" Reverse Auction, where the client puts up a request for a banquet/party hall (upto 5 halls of client's choice in a particular segment). The Hotels then respond within 24 hours with their "best discounted price" for that particular function on that date/session for the Guaranteed number of pax.

For best & assured results, advance amount of Rs. 5000 is to be paid online by the client to confirm their intent & seriousness. The client needs to respond within 48 hours of receipt of bids from hotels with their preferred choice; this need not be the lowest received bid and is purely left to the discretion of the client. On confirmation, the Rs. 5000 advance gets transferred to the hotel by In case, the client does not make any decision based on the bids received favourably from the hotels, the advance amount is forfeited.

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