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My name is Chandar and I head the Sales & Marketing at ChennaiHalls. If you are a regular Internet user and celebrated a recent function in your family or friend's, you might have heard about www.chennaihalls.in.

To elaborate, we are the No.1 Venue consultant in Chennai, with direct access to over 800 halls and 200 hotels all over Chennai. Our portfolio includes traditional kalyana mandapams, best mini-halls in Chennai, economical party halls in Chennai and hand-picked Banquet Halls in and around Chennai.

I will try and give you some clarity on;

Why it makes financial sense to go through ChennaiHalls for your hall booking?

Why it makes time sense to go through ChennaiHalls for your hall booking?

Why it makes practical sense to go through ChennaiHalls for all your services?

It is a good time when you choose ChennaiHalls.in

We all know how difficult it is to book a hall in Chennai, be it for an engagement, marriage, wedding reception, birthday or social gatherings. Chennaihalls.in was started with the aim of making the hall booking easier & quicker for everyone. ChennaiHalls has direct access to over 800 halls and 200 hotels all over Chennai, making it your best choice for venue selection. We give you the first set of options within 60 minutes after understanding your requirements. We have put in place an extensive & robust back-end system to enable this. We hand-pick halls that meet your requirements, most importantly your budget, which is why we call it Ur Hall Ur Price

You save significant amount of money when you choose ChennaiHalls.in

Yes, that is true. There is a popular misconception that if you approach the halls and hotels directly, you can negotiate a very good price. Let's try and analyse this. What is the possibility of an individual providing a hall booking every week or even every month to a hotel or a hall? As you can easily conclude, it is NIL. You may get some discount, but nothing significant.

Venue selection now, in a jiffy when you choose Chennaihalls.in

60 mins, is all that we take to give you the first set of options for your requirements. We have put in place an Intelligent & Dynamic Hall Search application that automatically picks the best halls in chennai for your function and our team of trained & competent Venue Consultants validate them and choose the 3 best venues for your function.

Pay for 3 Star, Get a 4 or 5 Star Package

How would you like your estimated 3 star function to happen in a 4 star or even a 5 star hotel? ChennaiHalls.in can make that happen.Get in touch with us, to know how

What should I do to get best prices for my events?

You can either let the consultants at chennaihalls,in choose the right venue for your function OR you could let us know your choice of hotels based on earlier function that you might have celebrated or visited at the hotel. On understanding your need, we provide you atleast 3 options that comply with your requirement and most importantly fit your budget. So, join hundreds of Chennaiites who consult us daily for their needs and make an enquiry at ChennaiHalls.in and let us get the best price for your event. Guaranteed best prices for the best halls, only at ChennaiHalls.in; thats why we exceed your expectations every other time.

How do we manage to do it?

ChennaiHalls, as the leading venue consultant in Chennai, refers its enquiries regularly to the leading hotels and halls in Chennai. So, we always get the best prices from best halls and hotels in Chennai. It is guaranteed that you will get the best prices, when you book a hall through ChennaiHalls.

Finally, the team behind chennaihalls.in

Like me, every other colleague of mine at chennaihalls.in, we possess min of 10 years of mid-senior management experience in leading corporates in the IT & B2C segments. The average age of our team is 31 and we are all very passionate about what we do and wish to make a difference to each of you enquiring with us and bring a smile on your face.

So, go ahead and experience chennaihalls.in and spread the cheer!!!

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